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As specified under Article 28 of the Law numbered 5174, Çankırı Commodity    Market ,   is a public agency with legal entity established to purchase and sell, to determine and announce the prices of commodities included in the Market within the principles written in the law.


It started activities with body elections held on 27.04.2000. Started activities on the 3rd floor of Chamber of Commerce and Industry building. It continued activities in this building for a period of 18 months. The Commodity Exchange Market moved into the current building, located on Kastamonu Road opposite the Milk Factory on August 01, 2001. The three-storey building located on 5000 m2 of land meets the needs of all of our members and the province.  a

a-exchange of substances included in, To organize trading and registration of commodities included in the market. 
b-To duly determine and announce prices of the commodities included in the commodity exchange. 
c- To carry out general arrangements regarding obligations of buyers and sellers, in terms of delivery and receiving payments, procedures of the liquidation of transactions, conditions effective on the prices and voluntary arbitration procedures upon arising of conflicts and entry into force with the approval of the Union. 
d- To follow domestic and foreign markets and Commodity Markets and to provide communication of prices; to guide its members in electronic commerce and Internet networks . 
e- to draft and approve documents under Article 51.
f-.To establish laboratories and technical offices or to participate in those already established in order to determine the type and characteristics of commodities included in the commodity market.
g-To identify and to submit for the approval of the Ministry and to announce the customs and practices for the commodity market within the area.
h- To submit proposals, wishes and applications on matters related to the activities of the commodity market to the public authorities; to file a lawsuit in the name of the Commodity Market or on behalf of its members in case of the interest of a part of or all members. 
i- To monitor and to inform the relevant authorities in case of detection of agreements, decisions and practices in the nature of concerted action that may have anticompetitive effects.
j-To carry out work given by legislation to ministries and other public agencies and organizations in case they are transferred to commodity markets within the scope of objectives and duties specified in this law.
k-To issue documents needed by members and provide necessary related services.
l-To evaluate proposals on domestic fairs and bring proposal to the Union.
m-To carry out the duties given by other legislation and tasks assigned by the Union and the Ministry within the framework of the relevant laws.

Agricultural products are supported and find the real value in the competitive environment created by commodity exchange markets: hence the great financial burden to the state is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the development of commodity exchange markets and the application of the "PREMIUM SYSTEM" is important in terms of the voucher system to become widespread and hence to increase the tax revenue of the state.

In markets where a competitive environment is created through commodity exchange, the producer will act taking into account the productivity factor in terms of seed, fertilizer, pesticides and the like, realizing that the high quality products are traded at their value, that what matters is quality, not quantity  Income will increase. The producer will have insurance opportunities, and thus will contribute
to increasing the welfare of our country. 
Competitive environment created through development of commodity exchange markets and resulting circulation of information will help producers act in unions to maximize interest. Merchants will help the product price to be formed and the products to be stored by predicting the market supply and demand projections in terms of quality and quantity of the product, thus, reducing costs borne by the state in these points. 

Having the opportunity to obtain input on market conditions with the development of Commodity Exchanges, agro-based industries will increase the chance to compete in the world market. Making long-term plans for production and sales, the agro-based industries with increasing competitive power will help the sector avoid uncertainty.

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